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"Unbreakable Drinkware. Unbeatable Price. Sound Peace of Mind."



HSB Products is now the exclusive Canadian distributor of Polysafe drinkware (formerly Blazun drinkware), a premium full line of unbreakable drinkware designed in Australia for the hospitality industry with the beauty, clarity, look, and feel of glassware. Introduced to the Canadian market in 2011, our designs include a comfortable drinking lip, thick heavy bases, and glass-like modelling to create the finest unbreakable drinkware in the world. A product that won’t fog, chip, crack, or break and is fully commercial dishwasher and microwave safe. Polysafe drinkware lasts, on average, 6 times longer than glass and 4 times longer than other plastic glasses, saving you money.


Now you don't have to sacrifice style and appearance as our premium, re-usable, unbreakable plastic glasses look and feel exactly like real glass but without the liability and hassle that broken glass brings. Polysafe is fully dishwasher safe and is the only polycarbonate glassware that won't go cloudy when washed with chlorine-based products.


Polysafe is made from the highest quality, food grade polycarbonate and has superior insulation properties to glass, keeping cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot, for longer. Polysafe is the only line of unbreakable drinkware that goes through the process of annealing which gives it its remarkable strength and clarity. It is made from the same material and process used to make hockey visors, eye-wear, and bullet-proof glass, where clarity and strength is a must!


Polysafe is 100% recyclable and has a carbon footprint almost one tenth the size of the glass equivalent. It uses half as much energy and creates seven times less carbon dioxide during its production, compared to glass, making Polysafe an eco-friendly product.

Polysafe brings a 21st century solution to a centuries old problem---a product that looks, feels, and performs like glassware without the liability, replacement cost, and hassle, of broken glass. Be it stemware or stemless, highballs or tumblers, rocks or shot glasses, beer glasses or carafes, wine or champagne flutes, you may never have to replace your drinkware again, but not to worry because if you ever do our product is 100% recyclable!


Polysafe - Beautiful to look at, a dream to drink from, and a smart choice!

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Some Reviews:

"HSB Products wrote to me asking my opinion of my new drinkware back in July, but I thought I'd wait to see how they stood the test of time. They do. That's why I'm ordering more. Thanks for making a great and honest product." - Douglas S.

"Just wanted to tell you that those Bellini Champagne Flutes are excellent quality. My servers agree as well. Thanks a million". - Basil E.

"I love the wine drinkware! I'll definitely be ordering more in the New Year! Thank you!". - Reina L.

The future of drinkware is Polysafe, and the future is here! 

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